The time spent indoors should help to maintain occupant health and well-being.
That’s why it is important to select building products like 21st Century Foam,
which is manufactured with health and well-being in mind. 21st Century Foam
contributes to a healthy indoor environment in three critical ways:

1). Our spray foam insulation is 100% water-blown and does not emit harmful
gases once cured.

21st Century Foam contains no ozone-depleting substances and does not off-
gas over time, unlike some conventional insulation that can deteriorate as time
passes. 21st Century Foam maintains its efficiency with no loss of R-value to
provide healthy indoor air (and energy savings) for its occupants today and for
years to come. Selecting products that provide longevity, 21st Century Foam,
reduces the impact on the environment because it eliminates the need for the
installation of additional material in the future.

2). 21st Century Foam creates a continuous air barrier in the walls, ceilings and
floors, which minimizes the intrusion of outdoor allergens and pollutants.

3) As an integrated insulation and air barrier, 21st Century Foam effectively
minimizes air leakage and accompanying moisture (air leakage accounts for as
much as 99% of moisture movement in a structure). 21st Century Foam is so
effective at minimizing condensation, moisture build-up, and the growth of mold
or mildew, the product is often specified for use in museums, art galleries, and
libraries where condensation control is critical to preserving the integrity of
valuable collections.

Quieter – Minimizing Noise Pollution

Spray Foam Insulation significantly minimizes unwanted airborne sounds that can
invade living spaces, creating a much more enjoyable indoor environment. Spray
Foam Insulation helps to reduce noise levels that originate from the other side of
the wall (from home theatres and children’s play areas, for instance).

Spray Foam Insulation is ideal for applications where quiet is a must. When
Spray Foam Insulation is sprayed into walls, ceilings and floors, building
occupants are uninterrupted by airborne sound (human speech, stereos, and
plumbing runs) and flanking sound (sound transmitted through the building
structure). Spray Foam Insualation ensures a haven of peace and quiet by
completely filling and sealing every penetration such as cracks around doors,
electrical outlets, and plumbing pipes within walls.

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More Energy Efficient

Using Spray Foam insulation is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency
and thermal comfort. As a complete insulation and air barrier, Spray Foam stops
air leakage in the building structure, which allows for HVAC equipment down
sizing, or expands the life of your current one. This saves dramatically on initial
equipment costs and ongoing utility costs. Spray Foam can save up to 50%
every month in energy costs versus traditional energy options.

When taking into consideration all other costs associated with creating an airtight
thermal envelope, it becomes obvious why Spray Foam is the preferred
insulation that guarantees increased energy efficiency. With 21st Century Foam
exclusive 31-Day Payback Formula, we can help you calculate the cost of
Icynene® versus traditional insulation options. This formula takes into account all
of the variables that impact the efficiency of insulation, so a more accurate
comparison can be made.

As Green

21st Century Foam delivers high-performance solutions for efficient building
envelopes, thermal comfort and a healthy indoor environment – all of which are
integral components of green building.

100% water blown. It does not contain synthetic blowing agents such as HFCs
that are often used in other spray foam products and are considered to have
very high Global Warming Potential (GWP) gases.

No PBDEs. This is considered a harmful flame retardant that can compromise
the health of building occupants.

Superior air-sealing capabilities. Spray Foam locks out dust, allergens and
pollutants from entering the building creating a healthier indoor environment.
Creating a superior air-seal in just one step, Spray Foam also minimizes the use
of excess sealing materials which would otherwise be required when using
conventional insulation such as fiberglass.

Up to 50% energy savings. Spray Foam air-seals and can help reduce energy
use and costs by as much as 50%. In turn, it helps reduce the production of
greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide by thousands of tones a year.

Real R-value. 21st Century Foam maintains its performance (doesn’t sag or
settle) with no loss of R-value over time. It provides total thermal comfort today
and for years to come, while conventional insulation can deteriorate as time
passes and may no longer perform as it did when initially installed. Selecting
products that provide longevity, 21st Century Foam, can potentially eliminate the
need for the installation/re-installation of additional material in the future.
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