What is spray foam insulation?

Spray Foam Insulation, also known as Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF, is an insulation
that is applied as a liquid and then expands, forming the foam. SPF can be either open or
closed cell in structure, depending on the density desired. The density will depend on the
specific project for which it’s being utilized and on its intended purpose and/or desired
goal. Special equipment is needed to apply the SPF as well as many months of technical

SPF is considered to be one of the best building materials because of its adaptability. SPF
uses are endless, including bear caves and giant foam pumpkins to root vegetable cellars
and farmers’ grain dryers. Some of the things you can use SPF for include but are not
limited to:

Residential and commercial insulation in walls, attics, ceilings, basements, crawl spaces,
well lines, and garages.
Air barriers - Extremely important piece of the energy efficiency puzzle.
Roofing - provides a long life roof system as well as insulation.
Increase structural integrity of buildings.
Sound control.
Industrial pipes, tanks, coolers, freezers.
Floatation uses, including docks, barges, boats etc.
Commercial/Industrial buildings, pole barns, metal buildings.
And the list goes on...

SPF can provide excellent solutions to many construction challenges due to its
remarkable versatility.

Open cell spray foam insulation

Open cell is spray applied polyurethane foam that expands 120 x its liquid volume
providing superior insulating, air sealing and sound properties. Open cell foam utilizes
water as a blowing agent trapping air in the structure of the cells.


Real world R-value performance
Completely fills tight spots and hidden areas allowing for performance gains that would
otherwise be overlooked by other products.
Great sound reduction properties

Limitless commercial industrial and residential insulating and air sealing properties.
Sound walls
Although open cell foam has a lower R-value per inch than closed cell it will still provide
great results. Open cell foam like closed cell works on all three principles of heat
transfer. This is what makes foams superior insulators. As well as a great thermal
insulator open cell will provide for excellent sound reduction

Closed cell spray foam insulation

Closed cell foam is a spray applied polyurethane foam that expands 30 x its liquid volume.
It utilizes an inert gas blowing agent that is trapped in the cell structure of the foam
allowing for an R-value of approx 7 per inch. Contains no formaldehyde and shows no
levels of off gassing.


Complete air barrier
Higher R-value per inch
Increased structural integrity
Low perm rating
Moisture barrier

Limitless commercial, industrial and residential insulation and air sealing applications.

                          Moisture control
                          Coolers, freezers
                          Molds and plugs
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